Fall has taken its sweet time arriving´╝îwe all crave coziness when the weather cools, and there ’s nothing cozier than flannel fleece—capturing that feeling of covetable comfort is what inspired us to launch our flannel fleece collection. But while most of us are familiar with how impossibly soft flannel fleece feels, we are going to dive deep with why you should invest in a flannel fleece throw blanket this Fall!

So what exactly is flannel fleece and what does it feel like?

Flannel was originally made from carded wool or worsted yarn, but is now often made from either wool, cotton, or synthetic fiber. flannel fleece is super soft and keeps you cozy and warm, which is why it is great for the fall and chilly seasons.

flannel fleece throw blanket

What makes our flannel fleece blanket so special?

Our flannel blanket combine the flannel with the lightweight breathability of fleece. So, you can enjoy the supreme softness of flannel without ever feeling hot or heavy. Our flannel fleece blankets are printed with a variety of themed pattens,such as unicorn,dinosaur,sloth,flamingo,flower,flag and so on and give us an incredibly soft feel.Plus, they get softer with every wash and haven’t had any issues with the material ripping or coming undone.

soft flannel blanket

What are the benefits of flannel fleece throw blankets?

When the weather shifts, it’s a comforting ritual to also change your decor, to welcome the season. Flannel fleece throw blankets is so much elegant and comfortable. Flannel fleece throw blankets will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling, without ever being heavy or oppressive, so you can enjoy with it on your movie nights. The best part? Our flannel fleece throw blankets are machine washable.

washable throw blanket