Most people think of wintery days and freezing nights are the only times to use throw blanket.But outdoor activities,even summertime events, often will be more comfortable when you bring along your favorite blanket. Here are just five activities where you’ll be glad you have one.

Beach Activites

Obviously, you’ll need towels to dry off after swimming, but laying a rug down on the sand as a space for your group to rest and chat in between dips in the water. Not only will a blanket prove useful during the day at the beach, but it often cools off significantly at nighttime around the water, warranting a something to wrap up in. A soft blanket after a day of dry sun and sand can be just what you need to wind down.

see sunrise witn blanket

Barbecues and Picnics Activites

If you haven't already been to a few barbecues and picnics yet, don't worry, the summer isn't over. Instead of lugging lawn or camping chairs with you, just bring a soft blanket. It's a nice alternative to sitting on the lawn, also doubles as a nice, warm cover for stargazing that might happen after the picnic.

picnics  blanket

Fireworks Activites

Fireworks at the end of the day cap off many cities’ festivities.Find the show nearest you and get there early — people take their viewing spots seriously. Reserve a good spot to watch the fireworks with a plush blanket that will keep you comfortable while you are cold at the show.

There are other activities, such as watching the sunrise, watching the concert, family gathering and so on.No matter where your summer takes you, be prepared for any situation with a soft blanket . And don't fret, if you're a messy eater or happen to get a little dirt on your blanket, simply throw it in the wash and follow the directions.