What will you take with you on the travel?Socks,underwear of course.You might not automatically think of putting a throw blanket on your travel packing list, but the right one can help—whether you want to doze off in the passenger seat or ensure restorative sleep once you arrive at your destination.
travel blanket
The right temperature is essential to falling asleep and staying asleep. It's natural for your body temperature to fall when you fall asleep, reaching lowest point in the early morning. If the air is too warm or your throw blankets are too heavy, that can interfere with the natural temperature dip, interrupting your slumber.

An indoor temperature that's between 20 and 23 degrees is typically ideal for sleep, but when you're away from home, the temperature is not always within your control. That's where a good throw blanket can come in handy. Look for one that's large enough to cover your legs and as much as your body as possible, but that packs up small enough to keep in a bag that you can easily access during your trip. After all, if you are cold on the airplane and you want to take a nap, your throw blanket won't be of much help if it's in your checked baggage.

Choose a fabric that feels cozy to you—but is also washable and breathable. A throw blanket is great for lounging on the couch at home, it is also good to take with to road. Plus, super-warm fabrics like wool or heavy fleece may be too warm for sleep. Instead, consider a light-weight fleece or soft, fabric that's easy to throw in the wash when needed.
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Once you've chosen your perfect unicorn throw blanket,open it. Just like a security blanket can help a kid feel safe, a familiar blanket can help an adult feel at home, too. Moreover, if you use the same blanket every night, you'll begin to create a conditioned response where you associate the blanket with sleep. That might help you fall asleep faster, whether you're on the road or in a hotel room a thousand miles away.