As we all know, throw blankets are one of our essential daily necessities, but most people are not clear on how and where to use blankets.Here are 6 examples of how and where to use throw blankets to give your home a cozy welcoming feel:

1.  Corner of the Sofa

Most of the time,we will lay on the sofa to enjoy our leisure time。Therefore,we have very high requirements for the comfort and quality of the sofa。Simply toss the throw blanket over the back corner of the sofa and let it drape on the seat. Plop a couple throw pillows on top and your done. It adds a layer of texture, warmth, and casualness to any space.

unicorn blanket for sofa

2.  Draped on a Bench

As if you just tossed it there, this look is carefree and welcoming.  Toss a throw blanket on a bench and with a few decorative pillows near by to create an inviting seating area.

3.  Placed on the Bed

I think we all know you can fold a throw blanket across the foot of the bed, but it looks a bit stuffy.  Instead, try switching it up.  Get the rumpled catalog-look by making the bed with the throw blanket and sheets.  Be sure to crumple them up a bit.  Fold the duvet cover in half on top at the foot of the bed.  So casual it invites you to dive in and snuggle up.

bedroom blanket

4.  End of Chaise

Lay a folded throw blanket neatly across the end of a chaise, similar to how you would put a blanket across the end of the bed.  It is a neater look, but still adds color, texture, and warmth.  Works equally well on an individual chaise or the chaise-end of a sectional.

unicorn blanket

5.  Making Stripe

Add a splash of color or pattern down the center of an arm-chair.  Fold the throw blanket neatly into thirds or fourths.  Lay it neatly down the back of the chair and on the seat.  Top it with a pillow.

6.  Rolled in a Basket

If you are so neat, you can’t even stand to have the throw blankets lingering about when not in use, try rolling them neatly and tucking them in a basket.  They are still be easily accessible, but neatly put away.