This is a printed warm blanket with a choice of colors. Wool is ideal for keeping body temperature and keeping people who feel cold warm. The 50"x60" size is perfect for use at home, on the couch, or taken to an office or coffee shop.

Price, follow-up care instructions are also reasonable. Recommended for those looking for a throw blanket, this OEM Plush Fleece Blanket Sofa Throw will satisfy most, if not all, blanket needs.

As we explore the world of blankets, we can see many fabrics, sizes, patterns and features. A blanket can turn into a pillow. Then there are those who are elegant in design.

I hope this guide will help you learn more about materials, dimensions, etc, as well as the products currently available. We hope that you will do your best to buy a polishing blanket that suits you! good luck.

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