Is it time to design or spruce up your home office? Whether you work from home or just need a dedicated space to read, your home office deserves the same amount of care as the rest of your house or apartment. We’ve rounded up some of tips to make refreshing your at-home work space a piece of cake,and their unique designs will inspire new ideas and boost your productivity.
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Tip 1,Home office color
Sure, it may be your office and office means “work,” but an office with color livens up the work and day don’t forget to add personal touches to make your space your own. Family photos, colorful pillows ,area rugs and favorite memorabilia go a long way toward adding that personal  touch.

Tip 2,Home office equipment
When working from home is serious business, choose a desk with enough surface area for laptops, office supplies and ample writing space, and enough drawer space to keep the surface area tidy. A bookcase with adjustable shelves provides the space you need to store research, files, books and anything else that contributes to the bottom line. And don’t forget the executive office chair so you can steer your enterprise in stylish comfort.Even if work is serious business, a few personal touches will add warmth to your office. Add a little nature – think ferns, floor plants or live orchids – to make your office a little less sterile.

Tip 3,Home office space savers
Gone are the days when a home office requires a dedicated room. Today’s technology means any spare corner can be outfitted into a stylish and functional work space. Smaller scale pieces are attractive and functional. A drop-front desk provides ample work space, yet lets you keep clutter out of sight when the work day is done.When creating an office in an existing room, keep the existing color and design scheme in mind. Coordinate elements such as the office chair or a colored cabinet with other elements in the room. The goal is to design an office that blends beautifully to create a cohesive room.  

Tip 4,Home office workhorse
If minimalism is your thing, creating a sleek home office is a piece of cake. Choose a desk with clean lines and hidden storage so you can tuck away office supplies. Minimalism requires few accessories, but adding a personal touch, like a colorful guest chair draped with a warm throw blanket, can make your office space feel more cozy.When setting up your office, consider desk placement carefully. If you have the luxury, position your desk in front of a window to take advantage of natural light and an ever-changing view.
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Tip 5,Home office electric wire
Technology has changed the landscape of the modern office,Although technology makes our lives easier, all the wires required to stay plugged in and online can create an eyesore. If possible, position your desk close to outlets to make plugging in a breeze. If that’s not possible, bundle cords using a cable sleeve or cable ties and mount them under the desk.