No matter how small the dining room is, it is all-purpose place that accommodate everything from kids' homework to extended-family celebrations. Dining rooms should be welcoming spaces that suit your home's architecture, let you entertain with ease.Now,take a look at the best small dining room ideas and some of our favorite tiny tips and products.

small dining room

Find the right light for your space

For more casual or unique spaces, your choice of finish may have the greatest impact.Once you've pinpointed the style and feel you want to craft for your space, determining what size chandelier fits for your dining room will help you decide on the perfect fixture.

dining room light

Define space with a rug

The right size rug can help define a small dining space. Jekeno sloth area rug size is 5'x7',match most small dining space.It is made of high quality polyester and high-density memory sponge, which ensures strength ,durability and enhanced soft pile keeps dirt out and keeps your rug looking great for years.

sloth area rug

Make chairs extra cozy

Sloth throw blanket and pillows add a modern, cozy touch to any chairs and help round out the look. This is especially helpful in open concept spaces or studios where you want every space to feel inviting.

sloth blanket

Drop-leaf and extension tables

A drop-leaf table is the easiest way to get more surface area in a hurry. This is a great solution for hosting guests and it can double as a flexible food prep station. You can also easily accommodate more guests on the fly with an extension table. Extra points if the table features self-storing leaves!