When you start making your holiday shopping list, you may be tangled about what gifts to buy for your kids,family,friends,or coworker.No matter the person and their tastes, everyone likes to cuddle up with a blanket at night. Whether it's an extra layer on the bed, snug on the sofa to keep warm, everyone uses a blanket. Here are some reasons your loved ones will love a snuggly blanket for Christmas.

Christmas gift

Science says they'll like it

While it may seem odd, studies show that humans love blankets. A study showed that the monkeys who grew up with terrycloth showed developmental advantages over those who didn't. The ability to cuddle something soft and warm kept normal development on track by providing comfort and security. The experiments concluded that humans appear to be no different from their primate cousins in this regard.So even if they don't realize it, your loved ones are also love soft, warm and comfor texture blankets

Enhance their decor

Enhance home with these colorful blankets. Give your friend, neighbor, sister or your mom a way to spice up their living areas with a soft, attractive and functional blanket. They can drape it across a stain on the couch, hang it up on a blanket ladder or simplely arrange it on the bed.Not to mention, it's always nearby when they want to cuddle, watch a movie or take a nap.

Family fort night

Families can always make good use of a blanket, particularly if they have young kids. Forts are a simple way to brighten any kid’s day, and they’re easy and cost-effective, too. You could buy your friend an expensive museum pass that they might use once or twice, or you could get them an blanket for building anything from a fairy castle to a wolf’s cave. And everyone knows the better the blanket, the better the fort!

sloth gift blanket

Keep the car prepared

Keep your car prepare blankets,it's an important reason why your love ones will be thrilled to receive a blanket as a gift.According to the National Safety Council, everyone should have an emergency roadside kit in their car. In addition to candy, flashlights, and a first aid kit, they say each kit should have at least one blanket.It's also handy to have an extra blanket in the car for those times the kids fall asleep or when the car is taking too long to warm up inside.

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