Now that it is August, it only seems natural to start thinking about the inevitable crisp weather that will accompany this fall season. Along with swapping out your summer wardrobe to coincide with the autumn weather, consider switching out your summer bedding for cozier items as well! To make the transition easier, we’ve put together this fail-proof guide on switching up your bedding for fall.

switch up bedding

Change Your Duvet Insert
When fall rolls around, switch out your summer-weight duvet for one in a fall weight, a perfect foundation piece for fall’s cooler temperatures.Fall is the perfect opportunity to play with adding a bit more texture to your bed. Our favorites for fall? Keep warm at bed and have good sleeping. That need sheets which is the perfect fall bedding accessory, both for the way they feel and their luxe, luminescent look.Printed Linen bedding can also be a beautiful addition to your fall bed. Patterns like Grey Ines offer the perfect color palette for fall and just the right amount of warmth and breathability for unpredictable fall nights. Paired together, Tencel and linen are a winning fall bedding combination!

Throw Blanket
Create cozy layers with a duvet, a coverlet and a throw blanket or two to utilize during chilly nights. Think: fitted sheet, flat sheet, soft unicorn throw blanket, flat sheet, duvet, coverlet.In warmer temperatures, simply remove layers from the top of your bed (i.e. the duvet and coverlet),just leave unicorn blankets, so you don’t overheat.
unicorn throw blankets
Perfect Pillow
If you’re a big fan of reading or watching TV in bed, take this tip from us and try a soft pillow instead.The pillow with perfect size is good for providing just enough shoulder and arm support for holding up that paperback, Kindle, or iPad.