When you have a kid, keeping that room in order isn’t easy. Every parent knows all too well the frustration of wading through a river of kid toys in an attempt to make some sense of the chaos yet again.It’s time to try some genius new ways to give your kid’s room a bit of order and style.Add some extra storage to your kid’s room to help them contain their new favorite toys. Learn how to maximize storage in kids’ bedrooms large or small with these practical, multi-purpose furniture ideas.

kids room storage

Playing space

Choose a corner of the room as a game space for kids, and put a piece of dinosaur area rug which is made of high quality polyester,high-density memory sponge,and non slip backing.The soft pile of this rug also provide utmost comfort and ease of maintenance makes cleaning hassle-free.Kid will have fun on that rug with his favorite toys.

dinosaur area rug

Storage cubbies

Smaller, multi purpose storage pieces offer flexibility to any kids’ space because they work as an end table, bookshelf or nightstand. Large open storage cubbies combined with drawers make it easy to stash anything and everything.

Storage benches

We love storage benches for their dual purpose: storage and seating.In the kid room,storage bench provides a place to sit for parents to perch while little ones play and a receptacle for storing toys or books. It’s always better when something can do double duty!

storage benches

Storage beds

Adding a storage bed is an easy way to maximize space. Choose a bed which has a large, sturdy drawer that opens from the foot of the bed to hold kid dinosaur throw blankets, clothes, stuffed animal or books.

storage shelves

Picture ledges

Go vertical by adding picture ledges to display books and small toys. Multiple ledges stacked up the wall make a great display for small race cars, figurines or stuffed animals—and keeps them off the floor. Hang ledges where your kids can easily reach them.And you can customize them to match your existing room decor.