Creating a shared space for twins about 3-10 years old and the space to be one that they could grow into. The room should be allowed for playtime, but not too much that sleep would be compromised. Although ,the room space is limit,we needed to maximize the space we had and incorporate various elements into the room.

shared space for twins

The Bed

The first thing on our list was choosing a bed. How a bed would fit into the space would ultimately help us with planning for the rest of the room. So that was step one.Because of the size of the space we needed to do bunk beds for twins.One thing that we have always been concerned about with bunk beds is sturdiness.Choosing a good quality bunk is important,so we suggest you to go to the local furniture shop to buy one with guard rail. And I think that the little boys will be interest in bunk bed.

The Bedding

Getting some of their bedding ,extra pillows and dinosaur throw blankets for the boy’s space was something we definitely wanted to do, The blue is such a unique shade; not babyish at all. Instead, it is modern, fun, and versatile. Order these throw blankets when you order the bed. They became the center of the design and color palette for the space.You can also choose a couple different throw pillows that the boys can use in their beds, when reading, playing or watching a movie. It's great for bedtime, and playtime: perfect to lean on when reading a book or building little masterpieces, etc.

dinosaur blanket

Other Elements
From the start, we plan to make this room one that the boys could use for play and sleep. We want this space that felt cozy for bedtime, but also where our boys could play.There is so much that can be added to a room in the details! Here are a few of features:

Area Rugs

Looking to refresh your twins room arrangement or bring a pop of unexpected pattern to the room? An area rug will do the trick! This design showcases a cartoon pattern perfect to fit the style you want, while it's non slip and stain-resistant.And it encourages comfort underfoot while remaining a cinch to keep clean simply by vacuuming.

world map rugs

Smart TV

Put a TV in the bedroom. We should be big on limiting screen time, but we also value educational programming and apps and embrace the occasional movie night! We choose to put a Smart TV in the space, and hope that the parents and boys will be enjoy free time together when watch TV.All these thins will turn a twins room into a modern, fun, and functional space.