For many, going to college is their first big move. From your laptop and id card to throw blanket and hair ties, the list of things you need to bring with you could go on forever. We all want to make the move to college in one trip, but it’s easy to forget an item or two (or more) when packing. Among all of the things you could bring, there are following items we believe you can’t live without at college. Keep reading to make sure you’re bringing them along!

pack for college

Cozy clothing

Pack a few sets of clothes and essential pajamas´╝îbecause you’ll quickly find that there is nothing like coming dorm room from a long day of classes and slipping into your comfiest pajamas.And wearing lightweight, comfortable pajamas can help you sleep better.Before you know it, you’ll be reaching for your pajamas every night.

Unicorn throw blanket

For that little something to remind you of home, bring along your favorite plush unicorn throw blanket. No matter if you’re cozying up for bed, watching movie with the roommates or studying for finals, this ultra-soft throw blanket will always bring you comfort.
unicorn blanket

Various charging wires

The most important thing to remember is to bring all kinds of charging cables, including phone charging cables, iPad charging cables, computer charging cables and so on.It's obviously that if the computer, the phone has no power will have a major impact on your study and life.Speaking of this, also don't forget to bring your learning tools.

Flip flops

That’s right — flip flops are essential year-round! Everyone needs a pair of flip flops for dorm life and the communal bathrooms. In fact, this essential is probably the one you’ll find yourself using the most. It goes without saying that you’ll use your flip flops from your very first day in the dorms.

Bathroom Toiletries

One of the biggest changes about your collegiate routine is adjusting to communal bathrooms.  Don’t forget to collect everything you need for these shared bathrooms: your favorite shower gel, shampoo,toothpaste and unicorn blanketto keep things organized.