It’s almost best Road Trip time of year.The weather is beautiful, days are long and weekends are filled with all of the fun,and you’ve started to think about what exactly you need to pack to keep your show on the road.We like to be ready for an adventure at a moment’s notice,so we’ve put together the road trip packing list to guide you through the various road trip.

road trip

A bag to pack

Before you think about what to pack, you need to have a bag to pack it all in. Our Iconic Large Travel Duffel was made for road trips. It’s incredibly spacious in size, with a soft and flexible shape, making it perfect for fitting it in the trunk or behind the seat.

Dinosaur Throw Blanket

For cosying up during a daytime nap, using throw blanket for extra warmth should you get stranded somewhere after the sun goes down. Warm trip = Happy trip. And if you’re planning on watching the sunrise in the car , prepare a throw blanket for your road trip.

dinosaur throw blanket

Map App

While it is crucial to have a paper map, another road trip essential is to be sure you have a map app that fits in your handheld device that will function while you’re offline. Maps with voice prompts also make driving more safe.

Do research

One of the best parts of a road trip is simply enjoying the ride. Research ahead of time to find the best stops to make along the way. Whether you like to squeeze in a bit of shopping at an outlet shopping center or just need to know where you can get really good coffee, you’ll be happy to have it mapped out ahead of time!

Pack snacks

Snacks are what turn your drive from a long commute into an actual road trip. Pack a market tote full of your favorite healthy snacks.

A good book or travel games

Depending on how long your journey is. But not good for those who are susceptible to car sickness.Perfect for family road trips to keep the kids entertained when there is a lot of time in the car! (Family Travel)

Phone chargers

A portable charger is essential. Even when you are not going on a road trip!It is illegal to operate a mobile whilst driving in some parts of the world. Play it safe and use a hands-free kit to keep you focused on the road.

At last, let's confirm our road trip list,a back to pack,dinosaur throw blanket,map app,research report of trip,snacks,book,games,chargers and others you want to bring.Have a nice road trip ^-^