The best party season is coming.If you've some friends and family members on the way but you've not prepared,we have some outdoor party ideas and tips that will help you make your planning party day.

outdoor party with blanket

Create an easy two or three color palette.
Sticking to just a few colors makes your party elegant and easy to decorate. We love a picnic or yard spread, but sitting directly on the ground, even on a blanket or rug, for hours can encourage backaches and stiff joint. Mix up your seating options with indoor/outdoor pillows,folding chairs with fabric seats for the ultimate in outdoor comfort.Friendly seating options in fun colors and patterns, so this is another way to add a bit of personal flair to your party decorations.
Light it up.
If your party runs through twilight and beyond, add lighting that creates a warm, ambience enhancing glow. We love strings of sparke lights or colorful paper lanterns.

Think warm thoughts.
Keep washable fleece throw blankets on hand for when the sun goes down,perfect for tossing around the shoulders or over the legs, or sharing with a sweetie.You can choose some dinosaur blankets for little boys,unicorn blankets for little girls,all of these blankets can be used for adult.unicorn blanket

dinosaur blanket

Provide heartier entrees,desserts and drinks.
If you’re a meat eater, be sure to offer not just your best chicken or beef recipes, but at least a few vegetarian or vegan selections for guests who have dietary restrictions. For desserts, stick to cakes, pies, and cookies which are crowd pleasing classics.Surely,drink is essential in the party,prepare enough drink for your friends.But but you shouldn't overdo it and drink past your limits.Don't forget to prepare juice for children and nondrinkers.

Flower centerpieces make a big impression for little cost.
For a barbecue, make a single, larger centerpiece on your buffet table. For a sit-down outdoor dinner party, plan for one DIY centerpiece placed between every four guests. We like to use interesting vases or vessels, and pack them tightly with larger, showier blooms like hydrangeas, dahlias, and lilies, plus a bit of greenery. The best part? The flowers come from our backyards, so we don’t have to spend a dime on them.

Say bye to pests.
Keep two covered trash cans on your yard,one for garbage and one for recyclables,labeled for easy reference.Nobody likes to be eaten alive by mosquitos and flies, yet few remember to bring repellent to a backyard party, do your friends a solid and have plenty of bug spray on hand.And the guest will be cheerful and enjoy the party because of the host carefluness.