Everyone likes to be appreciated, and the holidays are a great time to say thank you or to acknowledge a job well done! With the right gift, you can send a message to your customers and employees that they’ll remember long after the holidays are over.And throw blanket is a best gifts we recommended.No matter what time of year it is, a good throw blanket is always appreciated. Use them to cozy up on a chilly day, then keep them in the summer to add some color to your space. Throws blanket are affordable and terrific to have on the office chair, especially if it’s cold where you work. Have a coworker or boss with a colorful personality? A throw or even a pillow in their favorite hue might be just the thing.
Here's the list of throw blanket styles:

Unicorn blanket
unicorn blankets

Dinosaur blanket

dinosaur blanket

Sloth blanket

sloth blanket
So there you have it! Our holiday gift ideas for your customers and employees.If you are interest,contact us,all throw blankets up to 55% off,and use coupon code:JEKENO10 each order 10% off with free shipping.