This is the season to purchase a throw blanket, and here at Jekeno fleece blanket we have a large selection to choose from.Throw blankets are used to add a “feel good” touch for chairs, sofas or on the end of a bed ensemble. They are decorative and fashionable, but also add warmth and a long lasting cozy feel any time of the day. Their name tell you how to use them--simply "throw" them over the top of your chair or across your bed.
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What’s the difference between a throw blanket and a blanket?

Remember that a throw blanket is not the same as a regular blanket. The standard size for a throw is 50” x 60”, while blankets are designed to cover a whole bed. A throw blanket's primary purpose is use it to keep you warm when you feel cold on the chairs,sofa or on the bed--just remember to put it back when you’re done with it!

What throw blanket styles do jekeno have?

Made of 100% polyester fabric, throw blanket make you feel soft,comfortable. You’ll find throw blankets in many styles on jekeno, Here’s a list of some of the theme throw blankets typically come in. I’ve added some of my insights and “insider knowledge” to help you make the best decision when purchasing for yourself or others:

  • Unicorn throw blanket- With this beautiful Sweet Unicorn blanket you will give the perfect stye to your room where you can rest and relax, it also adds magic to your room.
  • Dinosaur throw blanket  - This cute dinosaur blanket makes a great baby blanket for children!
  • Alpaca throw blanket- Update your child’s bedroom or baby’s nursery with this throw blanket featuring alpaca printed on soft fleece.
  • Sloth throw blanket- The vibrant tones of the Seth Sloth fleece throw blanket will instantly liven up a bedroom or living room.
  • Narwhal throw blanket-Jekeno Narwhal Throw Blanket is soft and cozy for bed,couch sofa,and it's so lightweight that kids can bring for travelling camping.
  • Flamingo throw blanket-The perfect companion for chilly evenings, this super plush fleece throw with a coastal inspired flamingo print adds a soft to your sofa or chair.

printed theme blanket

Visit more theme throw blankets on jekeno to find a throw that’s perfect for you or as a gift.