Your personal habits can have a major effect on your quality of life—for better or worse. Unfortunately, seemingly trivial things
like staying up late and over drinking, can create a whole slew of mental and physical problems for you when indulged regularly,so getting rid of bad habits could be essential to your health and happiness in 2020.There are tons of easy ways to invest in yourself and ultimately, live a better life in the new year. From buying high quality blanket and blackout curtains (so you can get better sleep), to simply reading more books, here are some positive practices to pick up in 2020.

1. Invest in better sleeping

Research shows there’s a strong link between how well you sleep and how good you feel. That’s why investing in high quality bedding can help improve your life. In addition to boosting your mood and strengthening your immune system, studies say that sleeping better at night can literally add years to your life—so buying some throw blankets and blackout curtains in 2020 will help ensure you are feeling happier and healthier.

bedroom invest

2. Read more books

If you haven’t made a habit of reading at least 30 minutes a day, 2020 is the year to change your ways. Along with reducing stress, improving your vocabulary, and expanding horizons,reading an actual book or magazine for 30 minutes a day can also help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer at night. Do yourself a solid and start reading more in 2020.

reading with blanket

3. Spend less time with electronics

Like it or not, all the time you spend unwinding in front of your computer, smartphone, and tv screen isn’t doing you any favors. In fact, research suggests that engaging in more than two hours of screen time a day can have adverse effects on everything from your self-esteem, to your eyesight, to your sleep schedule. Playing with phone before going to bed will keep your brain excited and not good for sleep.Consider limiting your screen time in 2020 and start reaping the feel-good benefits immediately.

4. Develop healthier routines

Although it might sound daunting at first, making small but impactful changes to your daily routine in 2020 can produce major results. Start by getting on a solid sleep schedule that ensures you get at least six hours sleep a night to naturally regulate your hormones and mood, and then consider implementing a good exercise routine,like doing yoga,running—at least a half an hour per day like yoga,improve mental health and reduce the risk of heart disease—to enjoy the perks of a consistent and productive daily schedule.

Whether it means tweaking your sleep schedule or spending less time on your phone, pick up some positive practices to invest yourself in the new year.