The kids are home for the holidays and let's face it, so many of the activities we share with them are hectic.However,we don't have so much time to take them outsite.Take a break from the frenzy and go camping with throw blanket- in your living room.It's the perfect ways to stay with your kid and not go out.

indoor camping with throw blanket

Planning Your Indoor Camp

Even though you’re setting up camp indoors, give it as much of a camp feel as you can to create the right atmosphere.  Do you want it to be a surprise? Or would you rather have the kids pitch in with ideas and real help? Think about the location, camp rules, camp food, and the activities and games that you should have.

Setting Up the Tent

Select your kid game room that has plenty of space, and is easy to rearrange.Prepare and set up camping tents and unicorn throw blankets,and add pillows,cushions and stuffed toysto make the interiors as comfortable as you want.Decorate the tent to give it a festive look. Add some fairy lights for night-time ambiance.

unicorn throw blankets

Camp Food

When it comes to food, we need all the usual camp staples in our indoor camp too. This includes potato chips, graham crackers and chocolate for s’mores. It's pity that we can't have barbecue indoor,but we can still have snacks and do activites in the tent.

The Campfire

What camp is complete without a campfire? Obviously,don't build a fire in the middle of your room, but you can position the tent with a view of the fireplace to enjoy the warmth of real fire. Or, make a fake fire with painted paper logs and tissue paper bunches. An electric light inside the paper fire creates a great effect.You can also snack outside your tent while wrapped a throw blanket.

Camp Games and Activities

Covered in throw blankets,telling ghost stories and making shadow figures is nightly ritual. At the same time,It’s the ideal time to share your own camping experiences with your children. Play word games and taking turns spinning stories. They make the camp memorable. Have a few paper crafts and board games, and plenty of painting materials and play dough to fill in the gaps.

Camp Rules

When you’re camping inside, it’s important to differentiate between camp life and the regular life at home. Create rules such as "no lights after sundown" exactly as in camping outside. Do all your night activities in the dim light of a candle - kept outside the tent – or with the help of a flashlight. Restricting movement out of the designated area of the house also enhances the camp feel.

Fun and Togetherness

The whole idea of pitching a camp at home is to get together as a family and have fun. Be there and enjoy!