Modern design means clean lines and bright spaces. Unfortunately, it can also mean homes that aren’t exactly cozy. Modern homes with simple color palettes can seem a little cold and sterile, especially in open concept abodes. Therefore,you'll be unable to get to sleep at night because your room is freezing.Here’s how to warm up your spaces without making any major changes,and can be done for free or quite cheap, giving you warm, cozy,comfort without burning much cash.

warm up space

Fabrics are one of the easiest and most effective ways to warm up a cold space. The flow and texture from different fabric creates a cozy, layered effect. What’s more, those fabrics can physically warm up a cold-feeling space. Consider adding these to your space:

Blackout curtains:heat from the sun is free so make the most of it. Open your curtains and let the sunlight in during the day to make use of this free heat. When it gets dark, shut your curtains, which act as another layer of insulation and keep warmth in your rooms. You should also make sure you don’t have any leaks or gaps so that the warm air can stay in and the cold air stays out.

tree blackout curtains

Area Rugs:Modern spaces often feature hard-surface floors like concrete and hardwood. Rugs are the perfect way to soften the edges of your hard floors and can help define spaces in an open concept layout.It' also can keep your foot warm and decorate the room.

Throw Blankets:Who doesn’t love always having a blanket at the ready? Warm up your home by stacking blankets in the end of bed or throwing them over the backs of modern furniture. Look for soft fabrics and throw balnekts to really increase the cozy factor.

Throw pillows:Throw pillows add extra depth to rooms. You can swap them out based on the season or simply pick a few timeless patterns to warm up your space.