Let's be honest:Cleaning the house is one of those things that most people just don’t like to do.However,clothing in your closet are stain, smell,can be a breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites and fungus. Do you know the last time you washed your throw blankets? We will share tips for you on how often we should be cleaning some of the most frequently used items around our homes.Here is your answers!Pay attention.

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Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains aren't something we interact with frequently, so you might think they don't need to be cleaned.But curtains are exposed to sunlight, dust, odors, and other elements that can deteriorate their appearance over time, and should be washed at least twice a year. Jekeno blackout curtains can wash by machine with wash water temperature below 86℉. Mild detergent no bleaching. Low temperature ironing.

Area Rugs

The amount of traffic your rug gets will determine how often you should clean it, but when you do, a thorough vacuum and a good shake outside will get rid of most of the dust and dirt. If you need to spot clean a stain, you can mix dish detergent with warm water and white vinegar. Apply this mixture on the spot and then rinse and blot dry.

Throw Blankets

Once a season, wash your fleece and cotton throw blankets separately on a gentle cycle in cold water. We recommends line drying them under the sun or using a no-heat setting on your dryer to keep them from shrinking.

Bed Pillows

You should vacuum your throw pillows (along with the couch and chairs they're on) regularly to prevent the dust from building up and working its way into the fibers.Most down-alternative pillows can go in the washing machine, while feather pillows need to be dry cleaned.

Duvet Cover

If you use a top sheet you can get away with washing your duvet cover two weeks just to be safe. Like pillows and throw blankets, duvet covers can be a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus and dust mites.Most of them can go in the washing machine.

Bath Mats

If your mat is a darker color that hides dirt, you might not be able to tell how quickly it gets dirty. Most cotton and synthetic mats can be tossed in the wash with cold or warm water. Air dry them, especially the rubber backing mat.

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