Some may say that the kitchen is the heart of the homeļ¼Œbut as any avid movie lover nows,the real lifeblood of the house is the media room.A media room, often known as a home theater, is a way to enjoy television and movies from the comfort of your own home. The following home theater building ideas will help you create the cinematic viewing space of your dreams.

Choose Screen

There are a ton of options and things to consider when picking your screen. Whichever you choose, make sure it's equipped with a Blu-ray player, satellite feed, and game console. Because sunlight can cause unwanted glare on your screen,cinema blackout curtains are a practical way to darken the room and keep natural light from reflecting off the screen.

cinema blackout curtains

Cozy and Soft

A cozy living room-style home theater is both appealing and more multi-purpose than typical home theater set ups.What media room is complete without plenty of throw blankets and pillows to cuddle up with? A cinema area rug not only brings benefits to the the floor(minimizing the appearance of stains or wear),but also add another seating area and giving the whole room a sense of life.

cinema area rug

Control the Ambient Sound

Ambient sound is the unwanted sound coming from outside of your home theater. Even if you do manage to find a dedicated space for your home theater, sounds from outside of that space often ruin the viewing experience.In order to control outside noise,you need to replace your hollow- core doors with solid doors ,so that goes a long ways toward soundproofing your home cinema.If you do have windows in your home theater, put up blackout curtains that both block light and absorb sound.