Throw Blankets by Jekeno
From late nights out on the patio to snuggling up with the kids on the couch, throwing blankets is a necessity for everyone. These warm and cozy pieces come in a variety of styles, prints that can complement and accent your room’s aesthetic. With a range of blankets that span from soft fleece, jekeno has a blanket that’s just for you.

unicorn throw blanket
Matching Pillows and Throw Blankets?
Creating a cohesive space is the main goal when decorating, but matching throw blankets with pillows can prove to be a blundering task. Much like putting together an outfit, the best way to make throw pillows and blankets look like a set is by picking out a color theme. Grab your pillow, or throw blanket, and look for an overarching color that you can work with. Let’s say you have a cream cushion with a colorful cerulean ikat print, you can choose to find a matching blanket in either a cream color or one of the blue hues in the print. Whether you have a patterned pillow or a patterned throw blanket, following this technique is a fail-safe way to ensure that your textiles look harmonious and balanced.
Blanket Features to Fit Your Lifestyle?
Do you have pets or kids? If so, you have to make sure your blankets and throws are machine-washable. Doing so ensures that you’re never stuck in a sticky or messy situation, and your money is well spent. If you have an alternative lifestyle and are vegan, or just environmentally-conscious, search for blankets, and other decor like pillows and poufs, made with natural fibers like cotton, linen, ramie or hemp. If you have the budget you can even find wool, silk and cashmere throws. For a fun project that the kids will love, learn how you can build a blanket ladder.
Is there any charge for delivery?
Free delivery.Our Company was built to deliver simple, beautiful home essentials at a fair price.By cutting out the middleman, we bypass costs like wholesaling, storefronts and designer licensing fees that have no bearing on quality. And we pass the savings on to you.