Curtains play an important role in the layout of the home. It hangs indoors, not only relate to the beauty of the bedroom decoration and the building of the atmosphere of the room, but also closely related to your health. However, in many people's eyes,Curtains are only decorative and practical, and it seems difficult to relate to health. In fact, the curtain's blackout, soundproof, material and other factors, are more or less affect our health and mood.

Curtains Health Performance 1: Is your curtain soundproofed?

Can your curtains give you a good night's sleep? Maintaining the room's darkness and quiet in moderation helps to improve the quality of the rest. Our first concern is the soundproofing effect of the curtains, according to the industry, the selection of triple-layer curtains, not only can prevent light from "sliping" into the room too early, but also has a certain noise reduction effect.Even if we are in our own home, our side is not absolutely quiet. When noise pollution in the room exceeds 30 decibels--the volume equivalent of a low ear canal, will be affected a person's normal sleep. Continued living in a noise environment above 70 decibels, people's hearing and health will be seriously affected. By this standard, our home is full of noise. Compared with the noise of cars and the roar of factory machines, the damage to our health is very hidden and makes it more difficult for us to prevent it.The triple weave technology blackout curtains have a very good sound absorption effect. Generally speaking, the thicker the curtain sound absorption effect is better, a good texture of the curtain can reduce the outside noise. If you or your family have a sleep disorder,or you're sensitive to the outside world, consider using Jekeno blackout curtains.

3 layer blackout curtains

Curtain 'Health' Performance II: Does your home's curtains block out sun light?

Curtains as one of the most common home decoration in the interior decoration, it is not just need to match the interior decoration style, it also needs intelligent, humanized, if a room curtain not to be suitable for the habits of the people living, it is doomed to be failed. For adults, after a day's work, you need a good rest at home, so you can choose to Jekeno curtains which are crafted from triple inner woven natural microfiber fabric, soft, silky and smooth, skin-friendly, add the peaceful environment. While still can block out 90% sun light and prevent 100% UV ray.

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