In 2019, our fall style is inspired by natural, organic colors and textures that bring comfort and joy to your home. Fall is a great time of year filled with outdoor adventures, quality family time, and delicious food. Our 2019 fall throw blanket style guide is meant to take you from the last few days of summer, through Halloween, and to Thanksgiving. We’ve curated a collection of cozy items perfect for this fall season.

Create a romantic scene by the fireplace with tones of cinnamon orange, wine red, and warm browns. Some of our favorite styles in these shades include our dinosaur throw blanket in rustic dark blue.

blue dinosaur blanket

Just because summer is over does not mean that we have to give up peachy pinks, yellows, and cream. You can work these colors into your fall palette to break up some of the more bold and deep colors of a traditional fall color scheme. Some of our favorite textures in these colors are our pink throw blanket.

pink unicorn blanket

pink unicorn blanket
pink cat blanket
Using complementary colors in decor can enhance the vibrancy of the shades you’re working with.Purple, for example, is the complementary color of yellow, a common color used in traditional fall decor. Blue is complemented by orange and red is complemented by green. Our ultimate throw in purple and our 3D printed blanket compliment fall decor with bold beautiful colors and luxurious texture.

Whether you're looking to deck your home out with cozy Halloween decor or keep it traditional with harvest-themed items, our 2019 Fall Collection has something for you.