At the age of 3-6, kids are usually particularly interested in two things: one is a dinosaur and the other is a starry sky. This is because there is a kind of "Monster Fantasy" in the heart of the child, which will last from the age of 2 to the elementary school. Their little bodies are full of worship of power and heroes, hoping that weak ones can become stronger, or that a hero will protect him in the dark. The dinosaurs satisfied all the imaginations in their hearts, a strong and courageous role.

In the eyes of children, dinosaurs are like this:

  • What is the beginning of the world? Dinosaurs!
  • What is the fiercest animal on earth? Dinosaur!
  • What animal can eat a person in one bite? Dinosaur!
  • Are there animals that are more powerful than lions and tigers? Dinosaur!
  • What animal can pedal your house? Dinosaur!

By imagination alone, you can deeply feel the powerful power of dinosaurs from the inside out and can't help worshiping them. For children, if you can be friends with dinosaurs, or if you have a dinosaur as a pet, this can be too cool. It can be said that the dinosaur has all the characteristics of the strange monsters in the children's fantasy,and they truly used to exist on earth.

01 Why did the dinosaurs die out?

This is probably a classic question that every child will ask. As for why dinosaurs are extinct, they have always been different. These ancient creatures disappeared from the earth overnight, and the reason for this is still a mystery. Various theories have been put forward in an attempt to explain the reasons for the extinction of dinosaurs, including the collision of comets, the theory of climate change, the volcanic eruption, and the orogenic movement. One of these theories even suggests that some small mammals have eaten up all the dinosaur eggs. But as the dinosaurs disappeared, most of the species on Earth were also extinct, including aquatic animals and pterosaurs. It seems that the most likely explanation is that the earth has experienced a catastrophe: the meteorite impact, accompanied by the volcanic eruption, directly caused global environmental damage. The impact of the huge meteorites produced a lot of dust, covering the sky, the earth is in a never-ending darkness, plants can not grow, lost the food on which to survive, and the herbivores naturally die.

02 Species, Shapes and Strengths

There are many species of dinosaurs, but we can roughly divide them into two main types: carnivorous dinosaurs and herbivorous dinosaurs. Contrary to most cognitions, dinosaurs are mostly herbivores, including the largest sauropod dinosaurs. Unlike humans, plants can only be digested by human teeth before they can be easily digested into the stomach. Dinosaurs swallow the whole plant, grind it from the stomach stone, or be fermented by bacteria. They will cut, grind and then swallow the food. For example, the horned dinosaur will use its extra strong two jaws and scissors teeth to deal with hard food.

Living in the Cretaceous Sahara Desert, most of the dinosaurs are carnivorous dinosaurs. These large animals have huge heads, strong hind legs and short forelimbs. Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the most famous representatives of the carnivorous dragons and is the king of the most popular dinosaurs for children. After they lie down, they can hold themselves up with their tiny, sprouting forearms.

So how big and tall were dinosaurs?Some kids might say,

"Twenty stories high!""as big as a tree!"

brachiosaurus dimensions

Brachiosaurus Dimensions

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dimensions

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dimensions

03 Dinosaur Museum

Dinosaurs are the most abundant creatures on earth. Although these creatures that once ruled the earth have ceased to exist in real life, we can still go to the museum to get a closer look at their size and apperance.

  • Natural History Museum, Berlin - have the largest dinosaur fossil in the world
  • Field Museum of Natural History - have the largest and most complete tyrannosaurus rex fossil in the world
  • The Museum of Natural Sciences of Belgium - 30 fossilised Iguanodon
  • Australian Museum - Dinosaur Sculpture Garden
  • Royal Tyrrell Museum of Canada - the largest and most comprehensive paleontology museum in the world
  • Zigong Dinosaur Museum - one of the world's largest collections and displays of Jurassic dinosaur fossils.

04 Dinosaur Games

Dinosaur Drawwing

Learn how to draw a simple and cute dinosaur step by step. The instructions is easy for kids and beginners to study, and a paper, pencil and eraser is enough.

dinosaur drawing
Dinosaur Coloring Page

Every child will love to play coloring games. Just give them a few coloring pages and brushes, and they can paint them for an hour or more long time.

dinosaur coloring page
Dinosaur Origami

If there is no dinosaur toy at home,we cna do it ourselves, origami is a good way to make all kinds of dinosaurs. In the process of origami,can exercise the coordination of the hand and eye, also improve the child's hands-on ability. At the same time, it is also a good time to guide children to understand how things evolve from 2D to 3D.

Dinosaur Origami

05 Dinosaur Themed Product

Dinosaur Throw Blanket

Dinosaur throw blanket soft lightweight plush blanket for bed couch,100% polyester fabric, Make you feel soft and comfortable,the colors are vibrant and the pattern is fun.Perfect for keeping warm while laying on the couch or just want that added comfort of a blanket.

dinosaur blanket

Dinosaur Area Rug

This charming cute dinosaur area rug will delight children of all ages. Warm and cozy, they can be a subtle teaching tool as well as a dramatic focal point.

dinosaur area rug