The bright yellow symbolizes warmth,positivity and energy.A vibrant yellow color is wonderful for brightening up a room.If yellow makes you happy, decorate your home with yellow.So we make a list of ideas for decorating with yellow for a little inspiration on how to add more warmth and sunshine to any existing room.

Adding yellow accents to a living room

Yellow colors create welcoming, warm and pleasant interior design and look wonderful in living rooms also,but it don't mean you have to throw out your existing furnishings and replace them with bright yellow ones.Only some affordable yellow accessories will bright your room.For example,add two yellow pillows and one yellow flower throw blanket.

lemon area rug
The area rug in the entryway is carried visually throughout the room with a few accents like a pouf ottoman, photo frame and a throw pillow

Decorating with yellow in the bedroom

When decorating with yellow, vary the saturations used in a room for a look that’s sunny, but not overly bright.Layering yellow onto an existing neutral room and everyday grey bedding makes it look like an integral part of the space.give the bedroom some levity with gray frilly sheets and pillowcases and add a throw blanket at the end of your bed will help create balance.
yellow bedroom decor

Vibrant yellow dining spaces

Create a fun and high energy look by adding yellow to your dining room. Some ways you can add yellow include:

  • a yellow pendant lamp
  • yellow table linens
  • yellow dining chairs
  • yellow walls or wall art
  • yellow curtains

When decorating with yellow, don’t forget to bring in your sense of fun and whimsy. Choose accents with unusual details like an interesting print. Where would you add yellow in your home? Let us know in the comments.