Many of the products that we use on a daily basis are filled with chemical ingredients which can cause some serious harm.We are passionate about going back to our roots and living in a natural home.So we curate a list of the best eco-friendly, organic and natural home decor for your space.

Area Rug-Living Room Decor Area Rug

The first on our list is eco friendly area rug. This home decor item is a great addition to any home as it match living room style and keep friends, neighbors and family foot warm. We included this area rug review on our list because we love that this area rug has many rich print options, but that it is made of eco-friendly polyester with a high-density memory sponge interlayer and anti-slip back. Plus, when you buy a natural green product like this from Jekeno, you are not only helping keep the world clean but protecting your floors in high traffic areas.

colorful tree area rug

Throw Blanket-America Flag Throw Blanket

American Flag Throw Blanket is a great way to show your patriotic sprit.This flag blanket is as soft as it is stylish and make a great decorative piece as much as it makes a warm blanket to snuggle up with. We highly recommend this American flag throw blanket because this eco- conscious decorative throw is made of polyester fabric,perfect for snuggling while watching TV on the couch, relaxing on a sofa, or reading in bed.

flag throw blanket

Blackout Curtains- Printed Curtains

The next on our list is environmentally friendly blackout curtains,no dye substance harming for your family health.This curtain is made of natural microfiber fabric,can block out 90% sun light and prevent 100% UV ray and protect your furniture, floors and artwork from the ravages of the sun. The greatest benefit is to bring you a good night's sleep, making you full of energy every day.

Linen Rug-Bathroom Rug

The linen rug is a perfect addition to any natural, organic home. This simple, yet stylish rug is made of 100% organic cotton and features simple.If you are looking for a natural rug that isn’t made with any harsh chemicals or harmful toxins. This decorative small bathroom rug is easy to clean and care for.

We know how difficult it is to find the right pieces of home product to decor your space. This is why we create a list of great eco-friendly and organic pieces. Made with eco-friendly materials, these home products that you will surely feel peace and soft to enjoy home living.