Fall is here and that means we have a few weeks of beautiful scenery and cool (but not cold) weather to look forward to. So before you put out your heavy winter parkas and gloves, make time for some outdoor activities so you and your friends and loved ones can enjoy the outdoors.Not sure what you want to do? Read the following list of six outdoorsy activities ,perfectly suited for the fall weather season.

fall to do list

1. Go fruit picking

There’s no better way to welcome the fall weather season than going fruit picking. Fall is the prime time for ripe fruit,like apples, so spend a day at your local orchard so you can turn your pickings into pies, applesauce, and cider when you get home.

2. Plan a picnic

If you thought picnics in the park were reserved for spring, then it’s time to think again. Pack a bag with wine, fruits, cheese,take a picnic area rug and grab one of our themed throw blankets so you can dine al fresco style and take in the gorgeous fall scenery.

3. Go camping

‘Tis the season for going camping. Whether you pitch a tent deep in the woods or sleep under the stars in your own backyard, throw on some of our comfy loungewear and snuggle up with one of our flannel fleece blankets and enjoy the fall weather by camping outside.

pizza throw blanket

4. Take a hike or bike ride

There’s something about the crisp air and colorful red, orange, and yellow leaves that makes hiking and biking during the fall weather season so wonderful. Whether you plan for a hike in the mountains or a short bike ride around town, get a good outdoor trek in before it gets too cold.

5. Go for a scenic drive

Not in the mood for a hike or bike ride? It's OK. Take a scenic drive through the mountains, or just around town instead, so you can still take in all the beautiful, changing colors of the tree leaves. Just don’t forget to make a good playlist!

6.Go fly a kite

Kite Flying is a fun activity for the entire family to enjoy. Fall winds are steady and the days are not too cold, with crickets chirping, cicadas buzzing, and leaves turning into beautiful colors. The perfect time to be outside with friends, family or just yourself.So grab your kite and join in the fun.

Before the cold winter season sets in , make time for a fall-friendly outdoor activity, so you can enjoy the weather and the scenery.