The living room is the place where our family gathers,rests after busy job.However, if your living room is crowded, don't worry, you don't have to spend a lot of money to make it a relaxing place.Just a few simple updates and additions will do the trick. Here our ideas below:

Go back to the basics

Go through all your furnitures,toys and anything that’s expired or that you haven’t used in the last six months. Once you’ve edited down to the essentials, get rid of things you don't need just save more space.

Hang art

Cooperate color of living room wall, add two favorite framed print or three can bring some much-needed personality to your living room.

Treat yourself

Purchase scented candles and a simple table, and you’ll not only create a tranquil mood, you’ll also be ready to relex at a moment’s notice. Have a low-key playlist queued up for when the mood strikes.

living room blanket and rugs

Throw blanket

If you're cold in your living room when you are watching a play, there's nothing like a fuzzy throw blanket to keep you warm and cozy.

Area Rugs

Comfortable and contracted area rugs not only can decorate a living room, but also at the environment of day cold damp, our foot steps on carpet also can be very comfortable

Fresh flowers

Flowers aren’t just for the bedroom and dining rooms—a spray of buds in the living room brings a splash of much-needed life and color.

Now make a pot of tea, turn on the TV, cover the blanket, and enjoy the good times in your living room